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folio fairy 3aFairy Folios from The Naturalist’s Library

The Naturalist has been busy for many years compiling his ground breaking Entomology on the Habits and Habitats of the Genus Faerius (common fairy.) As many who follow this fairy column know, The Naturalist is able to carefully coax fairies back to his research library for careful questioning and cataloging. He finds fairies in the most magical places and most inaccessible areas of the globe. I am very pleased to announce that his studies are now being carefully published and tabulated with each fairy being carefully enclosed and indexed in individual Fairy Folios which he has graciously made available to the general public for further study.

This is the Green Woodland Reading Fairy. She is found flitting about in deep woodland areas bringing literature to fairies who are not inclined to go to the library. Her wings are covered in stories and she reads them aloud in shady nooks and by streams. The Naturalist has learned she is indigenous to County Clare in Ireland which explains her green dress! She is very willing to read stories to American fairies before she makes her way back to Ireland and is excited to be included in the Fairy Folio collection.

Each fairy folio folds out into a triptych with the august credentials of The Naturalist as your official assurance that this is an authentic fairy. The folio is secured with a metal clasp and bears the Alpha F Stamp of the genus Faerius. Each Fairy in the folio is completely removable and may be framed or displayed as you see fit. This fairy is #1 in the Fairy Folio Collection. The Naturalist hopes to catalog ALL THE FAIRIES.

You can see the Fairy Folios in my Etsy Shop: https://www.dorothyjanepaperie.etsy.com

Copyright The Naturalist Fairy Library by Dorothy Williams

fairy folio 3b


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This little fairy loves the butterflies and they love her back.  You can view a video of all the fairies here: Fairiesbutterfly fairy1

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The fairies held an election! Read the exciting results here!  Oh and remember: copyright to our human representative.


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Were there fairies present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Certainly! They flitted and fluttered about, in fact, many mistook their nocturnal sparkles as fireworks and it is because of these patriotic fairies we now twirl sparklers on the 4th of July! This is a little know fact! Frances Scott Key got some of this mixed up with the rockets red glare. This particular fairy now spends much of her time with her horse flies in post offices and mail bags spreading fairy dust all over the fruited plain. This is, in fact, how the Naturalist found this fairy, she was napping in his mailbox with her pony express horse fly friends. She is a homespun fairy, no nonsense and simple. Her silver heart is a testament to her love for America and declares that she is a patriot!IMG_6817.jpg

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This summer sky fairy loves to look up into the sunny sky. She is squinting as a result. Her simple little poppy petal dress has been stained yellow by the bright rays of the sun and her golden tousled hair is just as bright and cheery. Everything she comes into contact with is bleached bright and light with a faint pink glow, just like a setting sun at twilight. She carries with her a bit of fairy identification in her bottle, which swings from her perch.

fairy yellow1

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