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Fairy Folios from The Naturalist’s Library – # 4 – Sparrow’s Friend Fairy

The Naturalist has been busy for many years compiling his ground breaking Entomology on the Habits and Habitats of the Genus Faerius (common fairy.) As many who follow this fairy column know, The Naturalist is able to carefully coax fairies back to his research library for careful questioning and cataloging. He finds fairies in the most magical places and most inaccessible areas of the globe. I am very pleased to announce that his studies are now being carefully published and tabulated with each fairy being carefully enclosed and indexed in individual Fairy Folios which he has graciously made available to the general public for further study.

This is the Sparrow’s Friend Fairy. She is found flying in the company of sparrows and swallows and can be counted on to wrap a wounded wing or repair a broken leg. She makes her home in the nests of birds, lining her habitat with the discarded down of baby birds which is very warm and soft. These fairies are not so rare that the Naturalist had to traverse far to encounter one. As a matter of fact, she lived in a nest high in the oak tree in his back garden! Fancy that!

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The Glen is experiencing a crisis! A Troll has disturbed the frolicking in The Glen! tsfsnchristmas2017 Click the link for easy reading.tsfsnchristmas2017

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The fairies held an election! Read the exciting results here!  Oh and remember: copyright to our human representative.


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