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The fairy editors of The Secret Fairy Society Newsletter have updated the way the newsletter looks! What do you think?

The Secret Fairy Society Newsletter Spring Edition

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These are the by-laws of The Secret Fairy Society. They will always remain on top and all new posts will follow.

The Secret Fairy Society
will meet in the deep glen today.
We are lunching on tables of twig wood,
in our root hollow fern cabaret

Our poppy seed goblets are brimming
with sweet fairy morning dew wine.
Turn left at the old willow weeping,
then right at the blue columbine.

We will listen to Lily O’Valley
our most famous sprite authoress.
We hear she will tell us a story
of the South Wind’s brief summer caress.

Announcements as always will follow.
An urgent report we relay:
of wee Reeny Wren of Oak Hollow
Who fell when the nest went astray.

We must stress you adhere to
the dress code.
Wear gossamer, moonlight,
please gleam.

Your wings should be patched
up and tidy
as we glide down the
side of the stream

This concludes our top secret newsletter.
We dispatch this our usual way.
Be watching for news coming hither
of our midsummer Fairy Soiree.

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